Fresh Aero Aviation - LED Lighting and tools for homebuilt & Sport (LSA) and general aviation aircraft

Fresh Aero Aviation  manufactures and markets high quality innovative products for the homebuilt and general aviation community. We also manufacture and market specific products for Van's RV, Sonex and Grumman AA-1 & AA-5 Series aircraft.






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About Us

Have you ever wondered why a product was designed and manufactured a certain way? Would the product be more useful and efficient with a few modifications?  

How about maintenance tools and procedures?  Would a few design improvements make a big difference in utility for your application?

Have you ever said, "there's got to be a better way"?

We bet you have -- because we ask the same questions!

With many decades in the automotive engineering & aviation maintenance industry, we've learned a few things about the value of continuous improvement of tools and equipment.

Almost all products, aviation products included, can benefit from continuous improvement and as maintenance and airplane people ourselves, Fresh Aero was founded on this very premise: to supply the aviation community with improved, innovative, high quality products that we use in our own shops and hangars and offer them at a reasonable cost to our fellow pilots and mechanics. 

Continuous improvement is is the way we do business and we're always looking for ways to make off-the-shelve aviation products, including our own products and processes, better and more efficient. We never stop asking "is there a better way"?

Also, we're proud to offert a combination of old and new - the traditional values of trust, integrity, solid value and friendship with new high tech (and some low tech) products and services.

If you have an idea on how our products can be improved, we would like to hear from you. Remember, continuous improvement is the way we do business. 

We'll be developing more products in the future so please stop by our site occasionally for "What's New" updates.

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