Fresh Aero Aviation - LED Lighting and tools for homebuilt & Sport (LSA) and general aviation aircraft

Fresh Aero Aviation  manufactures and markets high quality innovative products for the homebuilt and general aviation community. We also manufacture and market specific products for Van's RV, Sonex and Grumman AA-1 & AA-5 Series aircraft.

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This is a great assortment of aircraft (mostly Grumman) related odds and ends that we've accumulated over the years. Well, it's time to "clean out the hangar". 

Most of the items are new and "one of a kind". That means, this is all we have and when they're gone, they're gone. Used items are always described that way along with their condition.

There are some great bargains to be had here, so look around - you just might find what you've been searching for. Or maybe there's something you really needed, but just didn't realize it.

Note: Just click on the picture if you want to see a larger picture. Also, if there is more than one  photo - another angle, perhaps, there will be arrows at the bottom of the picture. Just click on these arrows for more shots.