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Fresh Aero EasyEdge Light for Grumman AA-5  Aircraft

We’re confident you’ll be very pleased the these new innovative side panel lights

The Fresh Aero EasyEdge Light for Grumman AA-5 Series Aircraft in Blue, Red, Green or White LEDs - $39.50 (each side)

The EasyEdge Light with the integrated dimmer option - $50.00 (each side)

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The EasyEdge light does not require An FAA "337" field approval in most FAA districts  

The EasyEdge light is considered to be just a bulb replacement in most FAA District offices. The EasyEdge Light requires just a logbook entry by an A&P mechanic or IA in most FAA districts in the U.S. Download the EasyEdge Light Notes and Technical Data Sheet below to provide your A&P or IA with all the info they need to facilitate approval. Please call us if you have questions.

NOTE: the second link below is not active yet, but will be soon. Contact us if you need additional information.


Download the Grumman EasyEdge Light manual in PDF format

Download the Grumman EasyEdge Light Technical Spec. Sheet in PDF format

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If you fly your Grumman AA Series aircraft at night, you know that the original instrument panel lighting leaves a lot to be desired. The Fresh Aero EasyEdge Light is one of our latest Grumman lighting innovations and the excellent way to augment the panel lights on your AA-5.

The existing side panel lights on the Grumman AA-5 series aircraft don’t provide much light to the lower instrument panel on the right and left sides. The incandescent bulbs don’t have reflectors and the red lens absorbs most of the radiated light.

The EasyEdge Lights solves this issue by bathing lower instrument panel with direct red, blue, green or white LED light.

Just remove the side panel on your Grumman, remove the single existing screw that secures the incandescent bulb socket and use this screw to mount the EasyEdge Light to the exterior of the panel. Than remove the existing incandescent bulb and plug the EasyEdge adaptor plug into the socket. Remount the panel and you’re done.

You can also purchase the EasyEdge Light with an integrated dimming control to “fine tune” the brightness level. This does require drilling a small ¼ inch hole in the upper panel to mount the dimmer (please see the photos in adjacent columns).

The EasyEdge Light consists of a textured ABS plastic hooded bracket with with a 6 LED light strip and 14 inch wire leads and plug-in adaptor attached.

Other Features Include ---

State of the art LED solid state lighting in blue, red, green or white. They weigh less than 1 ounce.

Almost completely hidden. Does not obstruct an instrumentation or controls.

Illuminates the entire lower instrument panel on the right and left side with bright and clean light. No halos, hot spots or weak spots – just beautiful even light. The EasyEdge Light accentuates the needles and indices on your gauges so you won't need to strain to see them.

If you have the original glove compartment, the EasyEdge Light will really light up the the interior of the glove box - all the way to the back.

Very long life cycle. The LEDs on the EasyEdge Lights have a life span of at least approximately 50,000 hours!

Many times brighter than the original Grumman side panel lighting.  

Unlike the original side panel lights, the EasyEdge lights run extremely cool with no heat build-up.

All components have a UL flame retardant rating of at least HB 94

They are fully controllable using the existing panel rheostat -- from dim to full bright.

Vibration proof design. Aircraft vibration will not be a factor.

Available in both 12 and 24 volt versions

The above photo depicts  a few possible locations for the dimmer control option, if you want it.