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Fresh Aero EasySeat Tool for Grumman AA-5 Aircraft

Fresh Aero Easy Seat Tool for Grumman AA-1 & AA-5 Series Aircraft

 Fresh Aero Easy Seat Tool - for Grumman AA-1 & AA-5 Series Aircraft with Access Holes — $28.00

(Does not include ratchet wrench. Wrench option cost is $8.90)

Note: We no longer offer the "Bravo" model Easy Seat Tool. This model was very tough to manufacture and still offer at a decent price. Also, the seat removal procedure is so much easier with the "Alpha" model (with the holes in the seat buckets) as you don't need to contort your body to access the bottom of the seat buckets. If you have an earlier model AA Series Grumman and don't have access holes in your seat buckets, we strongly recommend that you arrange to get this done. It really does make the seat removal job much easier.  

 Another Note: The Easy Seat tool performs best when the seat bolts are in good condition. If your existing bolts are "wallowed out" and/or have burrs, we recommend that you buy new bolts. We offer new bolts at competitive prices if you need replacements.

Replacement AN24 Clevis Bolts for Grumman front seats — $1.85 each (4 bolts used for both front seats)

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If you’ve ever removed and installed front seats on Grumman AA-5 series aircraft, you know how tough this job can be. 

The round head slotted screws that fasten the seats to the seat brackets on the spar are very difficult to remove with a screwdriver. Blade screwdrivers just don’t make it here because the blade slips off the screw due to the tight working quarters and angle of attack of the screwdriver.

To make matters worse, many early Grummans don't have access holes in the seat buckets, necessitating working upside down under the seat -- more like an acrobatic routine than a maintenance procedure. 

The Fresh Aero Easy Seat Tool was developed to eliminate the above difficulties and make Grumman front seat removal and installation considerably easier. 

The Easy Seat Tool is offered for seats with access holes in the seat buckets. If you have an earlier model Grumman without the seat access holes, we recommend arraigning to have this drilling procedure done as it makes removing the seats so much easier. The holes simplify removing and re-inserting the seat bolts significantly. This subject is detailed in the Easy Seat Tool manual. You can also download the drawing for drilling the access holes in the early model seat pans with the link in the right column.

The Easy Seat Tool consists of a 2 inch deep well socket and embedded blade assembly that captures the head of the existing round head seat screws and remains on the screw as it is removed and re-inserted in the seat track.

The Easy Seat socket is used with a ¼ inch drive ratchet wrench (available from any hardware store or from Fresh Aero as an optional item). 

Your seats can be removed and replaced in a fraction of the time. And you’ll have easy access to "under the panel" maintenance like filling your brake reservoirs and servicing your vacuum system filter too.

Once you’ve used the Grumman Easy Seat tool, you’ll never look at front seat removal and installation the same way again.

Look for an Easy Seat Tool Article Here Soon



Download the EasySeat Tool Manual for Grumman AA-5 series aircraft in PDF format

Top view with optional ratchet wrench

Optional ¼ inch drive Ratchet Wrench .

Any ¼ inch drive ratchet wrench will work with the Easy Seat Tool. But, if you don’t have one, this high quality wrench can be ordered as an option.

Download the PDF drawing for drilling access holes in the Grumman AA-5 seat pans

Easy Seat tool - with optional  ratchet wrench

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