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Stainless Steel Tiedown Eyebolts

Fresh Aero Stainless Steel Tiedown Eyebolt Rings for Cessna, Grumman, Van's RV & other Aircraft

We know you'll be pleased with these great looking, corrosion proof eyebolts

Important Note: These eyebolts are sold individually. If you need 3 eyebolts, you need to order a quantity of 3.

Stainless Steel Tiedown Eyebolts for Cessna 150/152 & Skyhawk Aircraft -- $25.50 Each (proprietary long shank with 5/16-24 thread)

Stainless Steel Tiedown Eyebolts for Grumman AA-1 & AA-5 Aircraft -- $15.50 Each (proprietary 5/16-24 thread)

Stainless Steel Tiedown Eyebolts for Van's RV Aircraft -- $8.80 Each (3/8-16 thread)

Please contact us for eyebolts for other aircraft. We can probably help.

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Fresh Aero is proud to offer these great looking stainless steel tiedown eyebolts for Cessna. Grumman and Van's RV aircraft. They will fit many other aircraft too.  

Thread sizes are 5/16-24 for Cessna and Grumman aircraft & 3/8-16 for RV's.

The tiedown rings are 1 9/16 inches (40mm) outside diameter and 15/16 inch (25mm) inside diameter. Cross sectional diameter is 5/16 (8mm) inch. The Grumman and RV thread length is 3/4 (18mm) inch. They weigh in at 2 ounces each.

Other Features Include ---

These forged eyebolts are certified by the American Iron and Steel Institute and are have the same load rating or more than the eyebolts you're currently using. The wide tapered shoulder assures a great looking blended fit.

Brightly polished stainless steel. They shine like chrome but will never flake or loose their brilliance, even when you tiedown with steel chain. They are solid stainless steel!

Made from 316 stainless steel, these eyebolts will never tarnish or corrode and will last the life of your plane.


Why do the Grumman eyebolts cost more than the RV eyebolts? 

These stainless steel eyebolts are not available with the Grumman 5/16-24 thread so we buy the eyebolts with unthreaded shanks and cut the 5/16-24 threads on our shop lathes. In addition, we fabricated special fixtuing to secure the eyebolts properly while turning. This "machining time" adds to the cost of the the Grumman eyebolts.

These eye bolts are strong! These eye bolts have been tested to over 2000 pounds tensile strength with no deformation, stretch or indication of impending failure.

Click here to view the test procedure in our Photo Gallery.

What about FAA Approval

Good news! Fasteners used as replacements - and these eye bolts are fasteners - are NOT subject to  FAA approval  or control  and are exempt from the provisions of section 21.303(b)(4) of the FAR, since they are classified as “small standard parts”


The Cessna Tiedown Eyebolts are Here!

These forged stainless steel eyebolts have the same ring dimensions, strength and quality as the eyebolts listed above but are fabricated with the long shanks used the Cessna 150/152, Skyhawk and other Cessnas.

The wing strut and most tail eyebolts have 5/16 inch shanks are 2 1/8 inches overall with a 1 5/8 inch grip and 1/2 inch long 516-24 thread at the end of the shank - just like the original Cessna hardware. Note: some Cessnas use a 1 1/8 inch, fully threaded shank eyebolt for the tail We do have those too, so be sure to measure your existing tail tiedown eyebolt and order the correct one.

These forged 316 stainless steel eyebolts have the same or higher load strength as the original Cessna eyebolts and they look absolutely great - and even better on your Cessna.

They do cost more than our other stainless eyebolts because they cost considerably more to fabricate.

Stainless steel Ny-Loc nuts and washers are included with these eyebolts.

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