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Fresh Aero Aviation  manufactures and markets high quality innovative products for the homebuilt and general aviation community. We also manufacture and market specific products for Van's RV, Sonex and Grumman AA-1 & AA-5 Series aircraft.

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AA-1, AA-5 Nose Fork
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This is an original OEM nose fork for Grumman AA-1 and AA-5 aircraft in mint condition. This one is powder coated in gloss white - done when we had a powder coating operation. Note: This is the older style with the formed, machined and welded aluminum assembly. Also, the bushing is not included with this nose fork, so you will need to purchace one. This is the only one we have.

The axle hole is 1 15/16" (1.937") in diameter and 3" deep. There is a shoulder on the bottom with a 11/16" diameter opening.

Price: $150.00
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Air Chucks
Fresh Aero offers a wide assortment of tire air chucks to meet all your tire inflating needs. We have angle chucks in locking and non-locking configurations that fit nicely between valve stems and fairings. We can also supply straight chucks in an assortment of lengths for aircraft with air stem access holes in the their fairings.
All our air chucks are supplied with standard (SAE) automotive style quick-disconnect fittings. 
The following provides a description of the air chucks we offer for the OneOp Tire Inflators. Just choose the number(s) you need and add them to your shopping cart. You'll find them in the "Aero Tools" category. 
You can also purchase these chucks separately to use on other inflating devices.
Note: All the following lengths are measured from the tip of the chuck to the tip of the quick-disconnect. Also note that the price of some chucks will vary from the standard $7.50 price, depending on the style.
Chuck # 1 .....
This is our 30 degree, 4 1/8 inches (114mm) long angled locking chuck. The lever is used to lock the chuck onto the tire stem. This chuck is really handy for filling those tires covered with wheel fairings. 
Chuck # 2 .....
This is our extended 6 3/4 inch (172mm) straight chuck. This chuck is similar to our standard straight chuck except for its longer length. It is very useful for those hard to reach tire stems with small access holes in fairings. 
Chuck # 3 .....
This is our standard 4 1/4 inch (108mm) long straight chuck. Due to the very narrow tip, this chuck only needs a 9/16 inch (14mm) access hole to pass though. 
Chuck # 4 .....
This is the standard two-way angled chuck. The chuck is 7 1/4 inches (185mm) long and the angles are 30 & 60 degrees. 
Chuck # 5 .....
This is our new "Flex Tip Chuck". The chuck has a short flexible hose with a locking tip that is handy for fitting around minor obstacles. 
 So there you have it. Just order what you need.
Price: $7.80
Angle Mounted EasyBrow Cockpit & Cabin LED Lights for Homebuilt & GA Aircraft
If you fly at night, you know that good instrument panel lighting can really make a difference. EasyBrow lighting can be the perfect solution! Just mount Fresh Aero EasyBrow LED Lights on your eye brow above your panel or convenient location and bathe your panel in pure even light.
Our mounted EasyBrow Light consists of our standard light strips mounted on an angled expanded PVC base with 18 inches of MIL-W-22759 aircraft wire leads already soldered and shrink wrapped on the light strip. The angled mount reflects the light more directly into the instrument panel and not on the floor. Also, the built in shield greatly reduces the back glare associated with unmounted light strips. The mount comes with attached mounting adhesive and can also be mounted the the suppied screws. Also, they can be bent to conform with the curvature of the panel eye brow using very little heat from a heat gun. These lights can be purchased in 2 inch increments up 4 feet in length.
Price: $2.50
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Product details to follow soon.

Price: $12.50
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Details to follow soon.

Price: $2.50
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