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Fresh Aero FlightLights Goose Light for Homebuilt and GA Aircraft

The FlightLights Goose Light cockpit/cabin led light in Blue, Red, Green or White LEDs

 Goose Light with Two Segment Short Neck - $46.50

Goose Light with 5 Inch gooseneck - $54.50

 Goose Light with 10 Inch Gooseneck - $57.50

Optional Surface Mount Kit (includes S.S. screws and back stiffener  plate)  -- $20.50

Optional Tube Mount   -- $23.50

 Replacement LED Heads in 4 colors - Red, Blue, Green or White   -- $12.80

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The 5 inch Goose light

The 10 inch Goose light


Welcome to the Fresh Aero FlightLights Goose Light page. We’re confident you will be pleased with this innovative LED cabin/cockpit lighting solution for aircraft interiors.

The FlightLights Goose light utilizes four high intensity light emitting diodes that provides excellent nighttime cabin and panel lighting and they can be purchased in several configurations to completely satisfy your interior lighting needs.

Innovative Features Include ---

State of the art high intensity LED solid-state lighting in red, green, blue or white

Provides illumination to entire instrument panel, charts or anywhere you need illumination with a bright, clean, wide, even light.

No halos, gaps or weak spots. Makes reading instruments, maps and other printed material a joy!

Very long life cycle. The LEDs on the Goose Light have a life span of approximately 80,000 hours!

Operates on 12/14 volt  or 24/28 volt aircraft bus or from portable power pack

Very low power consumption – about 1/10th watt

All components have a UL flame retardant rating of at least HB 94

They work well with dimmer circuits for adjusting the intensity of light

Light heads are fabricated from aluminum with a polished black anodized coating. They are also available with a brushed aluminum coating.

Fully articulating Segmented Acetal goosenecks stay where you position them. 360 degree coverage. These lights can be positioned to direct light anywhere in the cabin and baggage area

Goosenecks are available in several lengths to accommodate your specific needs. Many mounting options are also available.

MIL-W-22759/16 aircraft wire leads, 24 inches long with in-line fuse option

Light weight – only 2 ounces (configured with 5 inch neck)

Industrial grade internal components are oversized for excellent reliability

Vibration proof design. Aircraft vibration will not be a factor.

Goose Lights are shipped with SAE 1/8 NPT fittings and a matching nylon nut & backup washer. These fittings is great for mounting on panels and structures with rear access.

If your application will not support this type of installation, we also sell a surface mount the requires no rear access and a tube mount that can be fastened to various structures within your aircraft (see photos in right column). These mounts screw onto the Goose Light fitting and adapt the light to your specific installation requirements. 

They are available as Goose Light options or can be purchased separately.  

The FlightLights Goose Light offers high brightness panel and cabin lighting solutions at down to earth prices. With proper use, the Goose Light will provide many years of reliable, economical and safe service.


A few words about FAA approval

We consider the FlightLights Goose Light to be an innovative and safe cockpit and cabin lighting solution for home built (experimental) aircraft and  we design and manufacture these systems for this market.

This same lighting potential exists for certified aircraft but even minor modifications on certified aircraft need some type of FAA approval.

If you install the Goose Light in your certified aircraft, you will need at least an FAA field approval (337 form) to be completely legal and airworthy. Please talk to your local FAA Flight Standards Office for more information.

The 5 inch Goose light

GooseLightManual0615 PDFColor.pdf

Download the FlightLights Goose Light Manual in PDF format

Our replacement LED heads that come in four LED colors

Goose Light Surface Mount Kit includes screws and backup plate

The Short Goose light

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